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Amazing uses and health benefits of watermelon seeds

Last updated on 4th July 2018

Watermelon seeds healthy hote hain ya nahi? Health ke liye watermelon seeds good hain kya? Watermelon ko tarbooj bhi kahte hain.

Benefits of watermelon seeds-
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How to eat watermelon seeds?

Watermelon seeds ko aap crude, grew aur cooked kaise bhi sewan kar sakte hain. ise aapko cut karne ki bhi jarurat nahi hai. Inhe aap directly bhi kha sakte hain.

Watermilon seeds me supplements full loaded hote hain. Jaise protein unsaturated fats, vitamins aur minerals.

Benefits of watermelon seeds-

  • for hair
  • for glowing skin
  • calorie counting
  • for diabetes cure
  • nutritional facts
  • for your heart
  • for sensory system

1. For hair-

Seeds me sufficient measure of protein hote hain. Ye hamare hairs ke liye beneficial hota hai. Iske sewan se hairs development hone lagta hai. Seeds me magnesium present hota hai. Isse hairs solid aur sound karta hai. Cooked seeds me copper hota hai. Jo melanin deliver karta hai. Iska oil irritated scalp me effective hai.

2. For glowing skin-

Glowing skin ke liye watermelon seeds helpful hain. In seeds me unsaturated seeds jaise oleic corrosive and tile corrosive hote hain. Ye skin ko solid karne me help karte hain. Seeds oil skin ko dry, bluntness and skin breakout karta hai.

3. For calorie counting-

Watermelon seeds calorie counting me useful hain. Seeds unsaturated fats aur calorie se dhake hote hain. In seeds me 600 calorie hoti hain. Jo dark colored rice ke three times ke same amount me hote hain. Ye hame easily wellspring of giving vitality dete hain. Inme essential gainful unsaturated fats hote hain. Jaise oleic corrosive, flooring corrosive hote hain.

4. For diabetes cure-

Ye seeds diabetes me help karte hain. Inke sewan se blood me sugar level drop karte hain. Sugar level control karne ke liye inki chai banakar sewan karen. Inme present magnesium starch digestion ko control karte hain. Jisse glucose affect hota hai.

5. Nutritional facts-

Watermelon seeds numerous supplements ke roop me use kiye jate hain. Inme protein, basic unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals present hote hain. Minerals me iron, zinc, copper aur manganese hote hain. Numerous amino acids jaise arginine, lysine, tryptophan aur glumatic corrosive available hain.

6. For your heart-

Tarbooj me magnesium hone se ye heart ke liye best hai. Ye metabolic process ko control karta hai. High blood pressure ko bhi kam karta hai. In seeds ko diet me add karne se ye cardiovascular capacity aur hypertension me helpful hai. Omega 6 unsaturated fats circulatory strain ko decrease karta hai.

7. For sensory system

Iske seeds me vitamin B complex hota hai. Inme niacin, folate, thiamine, pathotheinic corrosive aur vitamin B6 hote hain. Inse stomach related framework aur skin magnificence me helpful hai.






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