Different Types of Sprouts That Should Be Included in Your Diet

Sprouts, kaun nahi janta inke baare me. In this article main aaj inke baare me deeply apse baat karungi. Iske health benefits amazing hain. To chaliye start karen sprouts ke baare me-

  • sprouts hain kya?
  • sprouts banayen kaise?
  • nutritional value of sprouts

1. Sprouts hain kya?

Jab vegetable seeds, legumes(फलियाँ), aur grains me ankuran(अंकुरण) produce hota hai, tab wo sprouts kahlate hain. Ye sprouts rich source of nutrition hote hain. Ye physical health aur well-being ke liye best hain. saath hi ye tasty bhi hote hain

Different Types of Sprouts That Should Be Included in Your Diet
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2. Sprouts banayen kaise?

Ab sprouts banayen kaise? Iska easy way main apko batati hun. Mujhe bhi sprouts khana bahut best lagta hai. Main easily time save karte hue inhe bana leti hun. Main apko some easy tips batati hun-

  • Jo sprouts aap banana chahte hain unhe le len
  • Ab ye seeds container me overnight soak karen
  • Next morning inhe strain kar len
  • Ab clean and soft cloth me inhe tie karen
  • Ab inhe sunlight  se dur kuch hours ke liye rakh den
  • Doston ab 2nd day morning aap dekhenge ki ye germinate ho gaye hain
  • Yani inme full ankuran aa gaya hai
  • Ab inhe clean water se wash kar len
  • Apke khane ke liye sprouts ready hain.

3. Nutritional value of sprouts-

  • rich in fibers
  • enzymes
  • rich in vitamins
  • high percentage of phytonutrients

Different Types of Sprouts Salad-

1. Green Gram Sprouts-

Ye fiber quantity se fill hota hai. Inse nutrients hote hain. jaise- Vitamin B, C and K aur iron. Isme antioxidants bhi large amount me hain.

2. Bengal Gram Sprouts-

Ye cholesterol free hote hain. Inhe aap raw aur cooked kaise bhi kha sakte hain. Inme healthy carbohydrates hain. Ye high source of dietary fibers hain. Saath hi ye Vitamin B-6 ka great supplier hai. Isme thiamine ka rich source hai. Iske saath hi ye iron, magnesium, copper-rich hain

3. Bean Sprouts-

Beans sprouts low in calories hote hain. Inme vitamin C rich hota hai. 

4. Sunflower Sprouts-

Sunflower sprouts amino acids ke good source hain. Ye hamari body ko lots of vitamins aur minerals provide karta hai. Ye Vitamins like B, D And K se fill hai. Isme minerals like magnesium, copper, iron and potassium present hai. 

5. Pumpkin Sprouts-

Ye sprouts hulled(छिलका) seeds se bante hain. Inhe raw bhi kha sakte hain. Aap inhe lightly roast bhi kar sakte hain

6. Chickpea Sprouts-

Ye dietary fibers extremely rich hai. Inme fat loew hota hai. Ye minerals and vitamins ka rich source hai. Proteins plenty quantity me hain

7. Radish Sprouts-

Radish sprouts Vitamin A, B, C, E, K and amino acids se fill hai.

Doston, dekha aapne sprouts aap many types ke bana sakte hain. Ye aapko healthy rakhte hain, Ise aap apne ghar par hi easily aur kam time me ready kar sakte hain. Bas ek raat pahle seeds ko clean water me bhigo den, aur 2nd day inhe clean kar raw ya other vegetables ke saath mix kar bhi kha sakte hain. 


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