Everything You Need to Know About Lung Cancer In Hindi

Everything You Need to Know About Lung Cancer In Hindi


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Doston, ye to aap jante hi honge ki lung cancer ka main cause lung cells ka uncontrolled roop se increase hona hai. Ye cells slowly-slowly increase hokar tumor ban jati hain.

Lung cancer ke mostly cases me death ki possibilities hoti hain.  Aur in deaths me ye hi responsible hota hai.

Everything You Need to Know About Lung Cancer In Hindi

Lung cancer ko main two parts me divide kiya gaya hai- 

  • small cell lung cancer (SCLC)
  • non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

SCLC, NSCLC ke compare jyada dangerous hota hai. Iska common symptom cough yani khansi hai. Ye dheere-dheere serious hone lagta hai. Isko cure hone me long time lag jata hai.

Iske other symptoms me pneumonia ya bronchitis hai. Ye baarbaar hota rahta hai.

Weight loss hona, bhook kam lagna, thakaan aur breathing problem, voice change hona bhi ho sakta hai.

To chaliye, aaj hum lung cancer ke symptoms ko dekhte hain-SCLC aur NSCLC dono ke symptoms basically same hi hote hain

  • coughing up phlegm or blood
  • shortness of breath
  • worsening cough(खराब होती खांसी)
  • wheezing(घर्घराहट)
  • chest pain-jab aap breathe deeply, laugh or cough
  • loss of appetite(भूख)
  • weakness and fatigue(कमजोरी)
  • hoarseness(गला बैठना)

Lung cancer sometimes hormones ke similar substance create karta hai. Jisse paraneoplastic syndrome ke symptoms hote hain.

Inme ye bhi hain

  • muscle weakness
  • vomiting
  • high blood pressure
  • confusion
  • nausea
  • fluid retention
  • high blood sugar
  • coma
  • seizures(बीमारी)

Smoking ke alawa is cancer ke other risk factors bhi hain

  • family history of lung cancer
  • personal history of lung cancer, if you are a smoker
  • previous radiation therapy to the chest

Lung Cancer and Smoking-

All smokers ko cancer hona jaruri nahi hai. Lekin smoking no doubt ek biggest risk factor hai. Ye cause 9 out of 10 lung cancers ho sakta hai. Iske saath hi cigarettes, cigar aur pipe smoking bhi is cancer cause ho sakta hai.

Isme aapka smoker hona jaruri nahi hai. Agr apke aaspaas bhi koi smoker hai to aap isse affect ho sakte hain

Home Remedies for Lung cancer Symptoms-

Homeopathic aur home remedies cancer cure nahi kar sakti. Lekin ye iske symptoms me apko kuch relieve de sakti hain. Apne doctor se all complementary therapies ke baare me discuss karen.

Iske baad koi bhi safe thearapy use karen. Ye therapies hain

1. Acupuncture-

Trained qualified practitioner se aap apne pain aur anxiety me help le sakte hain. Isse aap nausea aur vomiting me bhi treat karwa sakte hain. Lekin age aap low blood count ke patient hain to ye apke liye safe nahi hai.

2. Massage-

Qualified therapist ki help se aap massage dwara bhi treat me help le sakte hain. Isse apko pain me relief feel hoga.

3. Hypnosis(सम्मोहित)-

Nausea, anxiety aur apin me apko isse relax mil sakta hai.

4. Meditation-

Apke overall stress ko reduce karne me meditation ek best option hai. Isse apko relax milega. 

5. Yoga-

Yoga se aap breathing techniques, streching aur meditation me better feel karenge. Isse aapki neend bhi improve hone lagegi.

Diet Recommendations for People With Lung Cancer-

  • jab aapko bhook lage tabhi bhojan len
  • Agr aapko full bhook nahi hai to aap smaller meals le sakte hain
  • ginger aur mint soothe your digestion system
  • Constipation problem hai to high-fiber foods ko diet me add karen
  • Weight gain karna chahte hain to high-calorie foods aur drink ka sewan karen.




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