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Everything You Need to Know About Hypothyroidism in Hindi

Last updated on 23rd August 2018

Hypothyroidism kya hai?

Jab apki body thyroid hormone enough produce karne lagti hai, ise hypothyroidism kahte hain. Thyroid ek small, butterfly-shaped gland hai. Ye apki neck ke front side me hoti hai. Ye gland hormone release karti hai, jo apki body regulation me help karti hai.

Everything You Need to Know About Hypothyroidism in Hindi
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Apka thyroid apki body me every organ ko energy provide karta hai. Ye apke body functions jaise heart beats aur digestive system ko control karta hai. Thyroid hormone ka right amount nahi hone se apki body me ye natural functions slow ho jate hain.

Women ko men se more thyroidism affect karta hai. Ye peoples ko over 60 age commonly affect karta hai. Waise ye har age me begin ho sakta hai. Ise aap routine blood test or after symptoms discover kar pate hain. Agr aap recently is condition me dignouse hue hain to ye article apke liye helpful hai.

Iske treatments simple, safe aur effective hain. Isme apko low hormone level ke liye supplements diye jate hain. Ye hormones apki body functions ko normal karne me help karte hain. 

Signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism-

Person to person hypothyroidism symptoms vary hote hain. Iske early symptoms me weight gain aur fatigue hain. Jab tak more symptoms appear nahi hote apko in symptoms se thyroidism hone ka pata hi nahi chalta. Most peoples me ye symptoms condition progress over many years me show hoti hai

. Apko jaise hi ye symptoms dikhai den, quickly apne doctor se baat karen. Wo apko blood test recommend karenge ki kahin apko thyroidism to nahi hai. 

Most common signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism-

  • fatigue
  • constipation
  • depression
  • impaired memory
  • dry skin
  • decreased sweating
  • dry, thinning hair
  • weight gain
  • feeling cold
  • muscle stiffness, aches and tenderness
  • muscle weakness
  • slowed heart rate

Dietary recommendations for people with hypothyroidism-

Waise to thyroid patients ki specific diet nahi hoti, jise wo follow karen. Lekin some tips for diet jo aap mind me rakh sakte hain:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Be smart with fiber
  • Don’t take thyroid medicine with other supplements
  • Monitor soy intake
  • heavy metal detox
  • avoid BPA
  • increase your selenium intake
  • remove silver fillings
  • lower your carbohydrate intake

1. Eat a balanced diet-

Body functions ko fully order me lane ke liye jarurat amount me iodine bhi jaruri hai. Iske liye apko supplements ki jarurat nahi hai. Ye apko balanced diet me hi mil jayenge. Jaise colorful fruits. whole grains beans aur vegetables me mil jata hai. 

2. Be smart with fiber-

Dietary fiber more and more len. Ye apki body me needs ke hormones ko banane me helpful hai. 

3. Don’t take thyroid medicine with other supplements-

Agr aap thyroid medicine ke saath koi supplements le rahe hain to ye try karen ki medicine ka time different hai. Jab bhi thyroid medicine len empty stomach hi len.

4. Monitor soy intake-

Jab aap iski medicine le rahe hote hain to soy products ka use kam se kam karen. More sot se ye medicine sahi kaam nahi kar paati.

Soy inme hota hai-

  • soy milk
  • vegan cheese and meat products
  • tofu
  • soybeans
  • soy sauce

Doston, soy eating aur drinking ko no kahen. Fiber apke liye important hai, isliye isliye soy ko little amount add jarur karen.

Agr aap hypothyroidism ke patient hain to apke liye ye important hai ki aapki daily life aur activities bilkul affect na ho. Ye tab hota hai jab apki thyroid gland active ho jati hai. Aur sufficient amount me hormone produce nahi kar pati. Ye apki body me metabolism rate ko bhi affect karti hai. 

5. heavy metal detox-

Apko apni body ko detoxify karne ki jarurat hai. Apko apne organs aur cells me se harmful metals ko remove karna important hai. Iske liye aap apni diet me milk, turmeric, cilantro(धनिया ) aur chlorella(ओषधीय) ko add karen. Ye apko metal detox me help karega

6. avoid BPA-

Bisphenol A or BPA plastic bottles me present hota hai. Ye hamari endocrine system ko affect karte hain. Saath hi inse thyroid gland bhi affect hoti hai. Islye apko plastic bottles ka water peene se bachna chahiye. Isko replace kar apko glass, stainless steel ki bottles use karni chahiye jo BPL free hain

7. increase your selenium intake-

Apni everyday diet me selenium ka sufficient amount add karna chahiye. Lekin iska excess use bhi harmful hai. Selenium ke good amount wale foods hain, jaise salmon, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, mushrooms, onions and beef. Apko tulsi aur ashwagandha jise supplements lene chahiye. Ye apke cortisol level ko low karte hain. Saath hi inse thyroid function proper hota hai. 

8. remove silver fillings-

Agr apke tooth me amalgam yani filling hai to apne dentist se mile. Aur wo apko ise remove karne ko suggest karenge

9. lower your carbohydrate intake-

Apko apni regular diet me sugar aur grain ke amount ko reduce karna hoga. Iski jagah aap healthy fat len. Carbohydrate ko increase karnr se estrogen increase ho jata hai.

Ye thyroid par negative affect dalta hai. healthy fats jaise coconut oil, avocado, flax seeds etc. Ye apke hormone level ko balance karte hain

Doston hypothyroidism ka common cause depression hai. Iske saath hi iodine deficiency, metal exposure, excess carbohydrate aur hormonal imbalance iska reason hai.

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