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How To Lose Weight Fast 5 Kg in 5 Days/ Pineapple Diet

Last updated on 5th April 2019

Most of people short period me weight lose karna chahte hain. Aur ladies ke liye jab baar kisi occasion ki aati hai tab to fastly weight lose karna hota hai.

How To Lose Weight Fast 5 Kg in 5 Days/ Pineapple Diet-

How To Lose Weight Fast 5 Kg in 5 Days/ Pineapple Diet
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Kyonki wo sabse fit aur slim nazar aana chahti hain. Wo chahti hain ki sab ki nazaren un par hi rahen.

To chaliye aaj hum kuch new try Karen-

Aaj main apko different diet plan ke bare me batati hun. Jo apke looks aur health both good karega. Five days me 5 kilos lose karna chahengi aap?

How? Well iska only one answer hai-pineapple diet.

Ye apko 2 kilos ananas 5 days me other healthy foods ke saath khane honge. Ye diet 5 days follow Karen aur quickly weight lose Karen. Wo bhi bina kisi health harm ke.

Ye apki body se water weight ko lose karta hai. Apki body ko detoxify karta hai. Aur result- a fresh, toned down, glowing, and smiling you.

Kya aap pineapple diet ka proper way janna chahenge. To chaliye dekhen ananas kaise weight loss me helpful hai.

How Pineapple Aids Weight Loss?

How To Lose Weight Fast 5 Kg in 5 Days/ Pineapple Diet
images: Getty Images
  • Pineapple contains bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme, jo inflammation reduce me help karta hai. Inflammation weight gain ka main cause hai.
  • Ye digestion improve karta hai. ananas me various enzymes aur phytonutrients present hote hain. Ye colon clean me help karte hain. Isse bloating reduce hoti hai.
  • Bromelain nutrient absorption me bhi help karta hai. Bowel movement slow karta hai.
  • Ananas rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber aur phytonutrients hote hain.
  • 1 cup ananas me 70-80 calories hoti hain. Ye to aap jante hi hain ki ananas juicy hote hain.
  • Iske sewan se aap longer time hungry feel nahi karte.
  • Ananas apko active rakhte hain.


  1. Jyoti Jyoti 11th April 2019

    बहुत बढ़िया उपयोगी लेख, कलाश्री दी।

  2. Vinay Nagaraju Vinay Nagaraju 12th April 2019

    Interesting, but does this diet not make it sugar rich? Wondering about protein intake and long lasting effect of a weight loss achieved through this diet? If it is carb rich, once we move from this diet, the body might start saving more sugars as we are on a normal diet?

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