Understanding the Importance of Rituals and Traditions

People follow old traditions/rituals without knowing the reason behind it. Do you think these traditions can become less complicated if we know exact reason why they started following these tradition on the first place?

हमारे रीति-रिवाज़, हमारे संस्कार,

वट-वृक्ष यानि पेड़ बरगद का,

भारत है देश परम्पराओं का,

कुछ न कुछ तो है बात इसमें,

हर रीति-रिवाज़ के पीछे,

पहले इनको समझो, फिर इनको मानो,

कुछ माने इनको अंधविश्वास,

कुछ इनको माने परम्परा.

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