Insomnia ek common sleep disorder hai. Isme aap unrested fell karte hain.  Aap morning me jaldi uth jate hain. Insomnia ke karan aap din bhar unenergetic rahte hain. Aapka koi bhi kaam sahi nahi ho pata. Apka mood bhi change hota rahta hai. Insomnia aajkal adults me bahut jyada dekha jata hai. 

insomnia remedies
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Hamari best health ke liye beast neend bahut important hai. Kaha bhi gaya hai ki ” If you cannot sleep, you cannot heel”. Yani agr aap achi tarah neend nahi lenge to aap sahi nahi ho payenge. Neend hamari body ko rest dene ke liye sabse best tareeka hai. To chaliye aaj hum isi ke baare me baat karte hain. 

Symptoms of insomnia-

  • Daytime sleepiness and fatigue
  • Waking up unrefreshed from lack of sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Mood changes
  • Poor attention and concentration
  • Lack of energy
  • Difficulty falling asleep

Types of insomnia-

  • Primary insomnia:

Isme person ko koi health problem nahi hoti. Use aise hi neend nahi aati.

  • Secondary insomnia:

Isme person ko any health problem ho sakti hai. Jaise asthma, depression, arthritis, heartburn or cancer. 

  • Acute insomnia:

Insomnia me ye dekha jata hai ki kitne waqt se apko neend nahi aa rahi. Agr apko long time se neend ki problem hai to ye acute insomnia hota hai.

Causes of Insomnia:

  • illness
  • life stress-job loss, death of a loved one, divorce
  • extreme temperature(hot or cold)
  • some medications-treat allergies, colds, depression, asthma and high blood pressure
  • cigarette, smoking
  • caffeine
  • alcohol intoxication or withdrawal

Causes of acute insomnia:

  • chronic stress
  • depression
  • pain at night

Risk factors of Insomnia:

  • long-lasting stress
  • over age 60
  • mental health disorder
  • irregular schedule at work or traveling
  • being women

Prevention of Insomnia:

Waise to hum insomnia problem ko prevent bhi kar sakte hain. Ye some prevention kuch aise ho sakta hai-

  • maintain sleep hygiene
  • do not drink caffeinated drinks sleep se few hours before
  • set a consistent wake-up time and bed time.

Good sleep habits for beating Insomnia:

  • hamesha same time each night bed par jaye
  • same time morning me uthen
  • phones ko long time use karna avoid karen
  • avoid caffeine
  • get regular exercise
  • dinner me kabhi heavy meal na karen
  • apne bed room ko comfortable banayen, jaise dark, quiet, not too warm or too cold.


Some important behavioral techniques use kar hum insomnia ko treat kar sakte hain. Jaise-

  1. Sleep hygiene
  2. Stimulus control
  3. Relaxation techniques
  4. Sleep restriction.

1. Sleep hygiene-

Isme hum sleep maintenance ko improve kar sakte hain. jaise-

  • khud ko neend ke liye force na karen
  • over-sleep na karen
  • bed par jana aur morning uthna time regular same rakhen
  • caffeinated beverages drink na karen
  • bed par jane ke waqt alcohol na drink karen
  • evening me smoking avoid karen

2. Stimulate control-

ye simple techniques hain jo bedroom environment ko sahi karti hai. Jaise-

  • bed par tab jayen jab neend ke liye ready hon
  • bedroom ki lights aur noise off kar den
  • over-sleeping avoid karen

3.Relaxation techniques-

Isme hum apni body ko relaxed breathing dete hain. Jub hum neend ke liye jate hain tab hamara sone ka tareeka comfortable hona chahiye. Aur saath hi body muscles ko relax karte hue sona chahiye.

4. Sleep restrictions-

Ye bhi insomnia ki non-medical behavioral therapy hai. Isme bed par spent hua time bhi limited hona chahiye. Many peoples insomnia me uthne ke baad bhi long time tak bed me rahte hain. Ye over-sleepimg night me difficulty karti hai.

Sleep diaries me each night neend ka time record karna bhi apka over-sleepimg time reduce karti hai. Kyonki aap time note karte hain ki aaj kitna soye, aur fir aap kam over-sleep karne lagte hain.












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