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Ways to Get Relief Arthritis Pain : Natural Home Remedies to Try

Arthritis Pain:

Kya aap bhi Arthritis se suffer kar rahe hain. Arthritis joints me inflamation hone se unme stiffness aur pain badh jata hai. Osteoarthritis ek most common type of arthritis hai. Age ke saath ye increase hota rahta hai. Doctors traditionaly anti-inflamatory medicines aur painkillers se ise treat karte hain.

Ways to Get Relief Arthritis Pain : Natural Home Remedies to Try


Jaisa ki aap jante hain ki kuch medicines side effect karti hain. Aur aisi situations me agr natural home remedies use ki jaye to ye jyada beneficial hota hai. Lekin agr aap ye home remedies use karna chahe to pahle apne doctor se jarur consult karen.

To chaliye baat karte hain in remedies ki- 


1. Lose weight:

  • Arthritis me apka pain amount apke weight par depend karta hai.
  • Apka extra weight apke joints par jyada pressure dalta hai- 
  • especially apke knees, feet aur hips.
  • Weight loss karke aap ye stress kam kar sakte hain.
  • Isse aapka pain decrese hoga, apki mobility improve hogi,
  • Iske saath hi aap future me apne joints ko damage se bacha payenge. 


2. Use Hot and cold therapy:

  • Agr apko arthritis hai to apke liye hot and cold treatment bahut helpful hoga.
  • Morning me aap long time warm shower aur bath len. 
  • Ye apke joints ki stiffness ko easy karegi.
  • Aap electric blanket aur heating pads night me use karen. Isse apka pain kam ho jayega.

Aap ye bhi kar sakte hain:

  • Aap 2 container len.
  • Ek me cold water aur 1 tray ice cubes  milayen.
  • 2nd container me tolrate hone wala hot water len.
  • Ab aap cold water se start karen.
  • Cold water aap 1 minute joints me lagayen.
  • Ab 30 seconds hot water use karen. Is tarah 15 minute cold to hot therapy karen.
  • Akhir me thande paani 1 minute karke finish karen.  


3. Get more excercise:

Exercise apko more benefit deti hai. Joints me flexibility maintain ke liye regular movements help karte hain. Running aur weight wali excercise joints ko damage kar sakti hain. Iski bajay aap swimming or water aerobics se joints par bina stress diye kar sakte hain.

Swimming arthritis ke liye good excercise hai. Taiwanese study se ye bataya gaya hai ki water me ki jane wali excercises knee, hip flexibility ko improve karti hain. Isse strength aur aerobic fitness improve hoti hai. 


4. Use meditation cope with pain:

Relaxation technics aur meditation arthritis me pain ko reduce karte hain. Isse stress bhi reduce hoga. National Institute of Health (NIH) studies se ye pata chla hai ki mindfulness meditation se some peoples me joint pain relief hota hai. Meditation se deprssion aur arthritis me help hoti hai. Jab stress kam hota hai to saath hi joints me swelling aur pain dono me relief milta hai.  


5. Include the right fatty acids in your diet:

Inflamation aur joints relief me omega-3 fatty acids excellent hai. Ye fats arthritis me bhi helpful hai. Fish oil supplements omegs-3s se full hote hain. Ye joint stiffness aur pain ko reduce karta hai. Omega-3 fatty acid coldwater fish jaise salmon aur tuna best dietory sources hain. Aap hamesha fish ko canola oil me hi cook karen. 


6. Make sure you get enough vitamin C:

Vitamin C joints component collagen hi nahi banate balki body ko redical free bhi karte hain. Ye redicals joints ke liye harmful hote hain. Jo peoples regular vitamin C bharpur diet lete hain unme arthritis ki risk kam hoti hai. Vitamin C body me full rahe iske liye aap inki megadose len. Citrus drinks C-rich foods, vegetables- strawberries ya melon, broccoli ya sweet peppers len.


7. Try accupuncture:

Accupuncture ek ancient chinese medical treatment hai. Isme body ke specific points me thin niddle involve ki jati hai. Iska use 100 differnt conditions me kiya jata hai. Ye bhi mana jata hai ki arthritis me accupuncture bahut helpful hai. Jab bhi ye therapy lena chahen, ek baat dhyan rakhen ki accupuncturist licensed aur certified ho. 


8. Add turmeric to dishes:

Indian dishes me yellow spice turmeric hota hai. Isme powerful compound jise curcumin paya jata hai. Isme enzymes aur protiens hote hain jo inflamation me help karte hain. Arthritis patients ke pain aur swellin ko turmeric rduce karti hai. Osteoarthritis patient daily 2 gm (1 teaspoon se bhi kam) turmeric khata hai to use pain relief hota hai. Ye turmeric ki quantity 800 milligrams ibuprofen ke barabar effect karti hai.  





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